Several people contribute to this project which was started by K. Mani Chandy (see summary or partial vita). Many of the ideas explored in this project can be traced back to my stellar collaborators and to earlier work.

Julian Bunn’s work on the software for the Community Seismic Network is the foundation for this effort. Julian Bunn continues to work on the project. Some of his many contributions include software for several streaming applications including radiation detection, monitoring buildings, and medical applications.

Rahul Bachal did his Bachelors thesis at Caltech on this project. Rahul was instrumental in getting the project started. Ker Lee Yap, an undergraduate at Caltech, developed a visual plug-and-play package for Assemble Software; the code for it will be put into GitHub. Juliette Xiong, while an undergraduate at Caltech, helped in code refactoring and in applications using Twitter streams. Tommy Hannan, a first-year at MIT developed Twitter applications with sentiment analysis. Wonwoo Cho, a Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) student from Korea worked on sensor applications using predecessors of the Assemble Software package. Kalyn Chang did a SURF on the code structure and applications. Karthik Sarma, now at UCLA medical school, did early work on streaming medical applications.

Several SURF students from IIT Gandhinagar contributed a great deal to streaming applications.

The early work on this project was done by Anish Agarwal (now at MIT) and Michael Lauria (now at U. Colorado, Boulder) while they were students at Caltech.

Michael Olson’s PhD research on software for streaming applications was the genesis for this effort. Annie Liu’s PhD research on streaming applications, particularly on the detection of harmful radiation played a key role in understanding the structure of such applications. Concetta Pilotto’s work on streaming applications and formal methods informs the organization of the software and its theory.

People who worked on the project include:Stephanie Ding, Judy Mou, Sandra Fang, Albert Tan, Karthik Sarma, Theresa Juarez, Shivam Tripathi, Si Ping Han, Nitesh Udhani, EunJee Lee, Alex Fandrianto, Victor Chu, Aleksandr Palatnik, Eddie Huang, Alina Hwang, Deepti Chopra, Nishant Rao, Pritesh Sankhe, Prathamesh Juvatkar, Prashant Borde, Jainil Parekh, Alexander Strauss, Stefan Gehring, Hafsteinn Einarsson, Jeremy Davis, Sean Choi, Jeff Lin, Victor Chu, and Victor Li.

This page is under construction. There are lots of Caltech undergraduates and SURFs who contributed a great deal to work on streaming, and there names will be added.

This project applies results from prior projects on which we worked. We will point out their influence on specific parts of the project later. The broad areas that are woven together in this project are:

  • Reasoning about the correctness of concurrent programs

  • Notations for concurrent programs that focus on program composition

  • Detecting patterns in streams of data

  • Applications of concurrent computation to social welfare in areas such as monitoring crises such earthquakes, detecting radiation, and managing critical infrastructure such as power systems and buildings.